Premises leasing


We are glad to offer you a commercial premises in BC «Baltica» from 20 sq.m. up to 500 sq.m. The opened planning of premises allows to use space most effectively according to your wishes.

The rent rate from 890 roubles for 1 sq.m. is not imposed by VAT. Bonuses.

The rent includes a payment for using the rented commercial premises. Also it includes the payment for working of the general security post, the fire alarm, lifts service, work and service of a forced-air and exhaust ventilation systems, electric power supply of the comercial premises which is used for industrial needs and illumination (according to the limits of the project power), submission heating energy during the winter period according to a city cold season, cold and hot water supply. The Leaseholder compensates to Lessor the sum of charges on payment of municipal services.

Additional payment:

  • Telecommunication services. The Leaseholder concludes independently the contract on granting of connection services, telecommunication service and the Internet with the operator with whom Lessor has concluded the contract on BC service.
  • Office cleaning - 55 roubles for sq. m.
  • Compensation of cost of the individual monitoring system of access in comercial premises is 1350 roubles per month, without the VAT, for one point of access. The point of access is name an installation of the individual monitoring system of access on one entrance door with a connection to the security board.

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    198 035, Saint Petersburg,
    Gapsalskaya street, house 5, lit. «A»
    Phone/fax (812) 335 6636
    Phone (911) 921 6635

    SALE! 3 months of rent - 50%


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