Managing Company «К2»


In May 2007 Managing Company «К2», represented by professionals, carries out management and operation of BC «Baltica».

Managing Company «К2» - agent and representative of the owners of BC «Baltica».

With accumulated experience and new knowledge we create comfortable conditions for the creation, business development for our Leaseholders.

The competence of the Managing Company «К2» in the business center «Baltika» include:


Reception - the central element of integrated services Managing Company «К2». The Service Reception visitors pass Leaseholders, provides information to employees of Leaseholders and their visitors on various matters, and distributes correspondence Leaseholder's. Reception takes all requests from Leaseholders and control over the timely execution.


To date, the safety of people - is one of the priorities of the Managing Company «К2». Professional Security Service provides security inside the building and surrounding area BC «Baltica». The building has installed surveillance cameras, access control system.

Service and maintenance.

Any modern high-tech building requires a highly professional service. Therefore, a team of technical staff monitors and ensures uninterrupted operation of power supply systems, indoor and outdoor lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sewer, fire alarm and suppression, as well as organize the work of elevator equipment.

Maintenance of building and grounds.

Managing Company «К2» provides quality cleaning in the premises of the building. Cleaning the premises include: mopping floors of offices, cleaning of public spaces. Also a set of works includes: cleaning parking lots and walkways around the building, lawn maintenance: planting lawns, caring for plants, leaves removal and debris. Upkeep for the facade of the building, cleaning of the main entrance and hall, etc.




198 035, Saint Petersburg,
Gapsalskaya street, house 5, lit. «A»
Phone/fax (812) 335 6636
Phone (911) 921 6635

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