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Premises leasing in business centre of Saint Petersburg

Welcome to our site We offer you premises leasing in business centre «Baltica». The successful placement, modern architecture, the planning of office areas executed according to Leaseholder wishes, the advanced infrastructure - all this help our Leaseholder to conduct the business with comfort!

Office leasing in BC «Baltica» has some advantages. First of all, it is a modern service - a convenient parking, round-the-clock protection, the fire and security alarm system, modern system of ventilation, delivery of the correspondence, high-quality digital communication and the Internet, and many other things.

Clients prefer premises leasing in a format «open space» very often, which further can be planned with the help of mobile or stationary partitions. In BC «Baltica», at a stage of construction, the coordination of a lay-out and furnish of the big premises is stipulated, and each office is leased with furnish «Luxe».

Besides, direct office leasing allows to include various services in cost of rent. In cost are already included: a rent, maintenance service of a building, municipal services, cleaning of general purpose premises, round-the-clock protection of a building, export of dust, using the lift, delivery of the correspondence from communication centers.

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198 035, Saint Petersburg,
Gapsalskaya street, house 5, lit. «A»
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